Castle Ruin Scharnstein

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Castle Ruin Scharnstein

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On steep rocks, high above the Tiessenbachtal in the Upper Austrian Almtal wakes the castle ruins Scharnstein, of which the place below has its name. Over 260 steps, past the beaten in the rock Wagner chapel, or something easier on the existing forest roads to reach the more than 500 meters above sea level castle ruins. The Höhenburg, which was first mentioned in the 12th century, offers a wonderful panorama over the Tiessenbachtal out into the Almtal up to Pettenbach.

Originally to reach over a drawbridge over the moat and surrounded by loopholes interspersed walls, the remains extend to a good 4500 m². Built by the Count of Rebgau and with several changes of ownership in the coming years, eventually acquired by the later Emperor Maximilian I in 1499, the castle on rocky terrain in the Almtal. After this 1538 “because of carelessness” completely burned down let read the ruin dilapidated and began the construction of the castle Neuscharnstein in the center of the same named place. Since 1626, like the surrounding forests, the castle ruins belong to the possession of the Benedictine Abbey Kremsmünster and is cared for by the cultural and Heimatverein Scharnstein. At the end of the 18th century, the ruin was used as a quarry to build houses in the valley, and it was not until 1960 that the restoration of the remaining walls began.

The castle ruins Scharnstein is freely accessible year-round and invites visitors and hikers to experience a history.

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