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The Kaltenbachwildniswanderweg is a short, 50- to 80-minute hike at the foot of the Traunstein.

Starting from the Moeristidl snack bar at the end of the Gmundner Traunsteinstraße or the Seegasthof Hois’n, this tranquil natural jewel lies between Grünberg and the guardian of the Salzkammergut, the Traunstein.

Through a tunnel carved into the rock, the narrow path, often rope-secured, leads over bridges and steps to the eponymous Kaltenbach, which is often completely dried up in midsummer.
The imposing waterfalls are best seen after heavy rains or in spring, when the snowmelt has started and the water shoots down the mountain.

Between the starting point at 230 meters above sea level and the highest level at 650 meters, there are places and viewpoints that reward the hiker with a beautiful mountain and lake panorama. Via the Herlersteig trail and the Schobersteinstraße road you can finally reach the Traunsee Ostufer or the memorial of the Traunstein victims.
The Kaltenbachwildnis is a family-friendly round trip that leaves the visitor with the most beautiful impressions of the Traunsee and the upper Salzkammergut.



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