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Level: (easy)
bathing Lake: use for free
length circular walk: app. 2 hours

At the foot of the Höllengebirge, 8 kilometers from Ebensee in the Salzkammergut are the front and rear Langbathsee.

Clear water in drinking water quality as well as the natural backdrop in a long basin attract visitors and locals to the shores in the summer and provide cooling off of crowded outdoor pools and swimming areas.

Traversed by hiking trails that lead you to the surrounding peaks of the Höllengebirge, the Langbathseenstreet leads from the center of Ebensee directly to the  Langbathseen. Unmistakable on arrival is the imposing hunting lodge on the west bank, which was built by Kaiser Franz Josef for his hunting trips in the summery Salzkammergut

After a short cool down in the 1.1-kilometer-long and 33-meter-deep lake, you can reach the Langbathsee after a walk of 50 to 70 minutes over 60 meters in altitude. This extends over 600 meters and its deepest point is a good 13 feet below the water level. Due to the high biomass occurrence at the back Langbathsee this much less swimmers on and the nature enthusiastic hiker can still enjoy the quiet and tranquility of the original Salzkammergut in midsummer. Unobstructed and wildly romantic bathing places invite you to linger and marvel.

The circular route is also suitable for hikers and families with baby carriages. On the way back the wonderful “imperial” view of the Höllengebirge and the countless rest stops on the lakeshore of the circular hiking trail to settle again and enjoy the nature and the prevailing scenery.

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