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level: (easy)
bathing Lake: use for free
length circular walk: about 2 hours

Whether with the cable car over the summit of the Grünberg or on foot over the steps of the Ortnersteig, the Laudachsee rewards hikers and day-trippers with its crystal-clear waters and its fantastic location on 894 vertical meters. Picturesquely embedded between the Traunstein and the Grünberg, this legendary place invites for a short breath of air before the ascent to the surrounding peaks or for the simple resting on its banks.

Located in the middle of the nature reserve Traunstein, surrounded by dense forests which are criss-crossed with well-signposted and partially child-friendly hiking trails, the excursion destination Laudachsee enjoys not only in the summer months of great popularity with locals and guests. This place has always inspired the imagination of the people. The stories about the giant Erla and the mermaid from the Laudachsee or the witch Kranawitha will still be kept alive around the Laudachsee today. be rediscovered on the forest nature trail on the Grünberg by young and old.

As a mountain lake with drinking water quality and a maximum of 20 ° water temperature in midsummer, the shimmering green waters provide a refreshing refreshment after a long walk.

The lonely above the lake Ramsaualm offers visitors with 300 seats and a breathtaking panorama between Katzenstein and Traunstein down-to-earth cuisine and invites you to linger. The Ramsaualm was first documented in the 13th century and speaks for the attraction and the magic which this place has always exuded.

Beautiful nature and hospitality, an invitation to deceleration and tranquility; All that the Salzkammergut has to offer its guests and residents can be found in places like these where it seems like time passes a tick slower.

Whether as a single hiker or on the go with the whole family, the leek roof lake is one of the number 1 destinations in and around the ceramic city of Gmunden on the north shore of Lake Traunsee.

The local mountain of the Gmundner, the Traunstein with its 1691 meters above sea level watches over the region and represents for many enthusiastic mountaineers and hikers over the Grünberg and the Laudachsee are the real target.

The adjacent Katzenstein at 1349 meters can also be reached via the Laudachsee and offers a magnificent view far beyond the Laudachsee.

Other sports such as fishing are operated on the lake. Due to the high quality of the water and the purity, there are large numbers of trout, char and pike. Even the once-large number of crayfish in the lake is slowly but surely reappearing.

The idyllic circular route on the shore leads across meadows, paths and small bridges and offers the opportunity to get to know the lake and its panoramas from all sides.


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